Department of English





 The Department of English was established in 1960. Mr. Phansalkar H. G. and Mr. Saolapurkar V.K. were the founding fathers of the department. They put in a lot of efforts to build up the department. Mr. Phansalkar, HOD, played an instrumental role in enriching the department. Their hard work came to fruition when the Post-Graduate course in English was introduced. The English literary Association has been established to provide a plat form for students’ creative talent. English is now acknowledged as a link language and there is a great demand for English-spoken as well as written.
The students of English have to learn both the forms of the language. So the department has carried out some experiments providing some activities to develop their English. The department has cassettes, CDs which are played to give them practice in listening and understanding. The development of several language skills is essential and the department tries its best to Master students in soft skills.
The department runs a  Certificate Course in Functional English UNDER ugc Sposered COP . We also intend to launch a language laboratory to make the students expert in spoken English.