Department of Geography (M.Sc./M.A.)



The department has been started in 1960.  A.M. Patil joined as the Head of the Dept. in 1960 & Mr. Ingale S.R. joined in the dept. in 1972.  Mr. G.A. Kashid was appointed as lecturer in 1973.  The dept. was developed and to meet the needs of the Dept. Mr. Shinde S.N. joined in 1986.  Mr. Nanaware A.H. was appointed in 1992.  Later Paikekar S.B. joined in 1993 and in 19999 Mr. Sarwade G.M. appointed in the dept.
Result of the Department has been more than 80% for each and every year.  Miss Latake stood 3rd in April 2008 in the Shivaji University, Kolhapur.  Mr. Patel and Mr. Deshmukh qualifie the SET exam and presently they are working as Sr. College teachers.
Department has been carrying out the social work in the form of Measurement of Land of the poor farmers of neighboring villages of Barshi. (eg. M.T. Kate, Khamgaon, Bharat Patil, Dadshinge) One day workshop was conducted and organised on B.A. – I syllabus in the college for the teachers of the Dept. Shivaji University, Kolhapur. P.G. Classes has been started in 2007-08.  Six teachers from neighboring colleges are teaching them as guest lecturers.