1. The college library is housed in a separate library buidling. The building construction of new central library with all necessary facilities is in progess.

  2. Separate reference section with sufficient number of standard reference books

    are available to the students.

  3. Sets of text books are provided through “Book Bank Scheme” to the students on payment of nominal yearly fee.

  4. Library provids books and periodicals for competitive examination.

  5. Working hour’s of issuing section/reading room/periodical section 8.00 to 5.00 p.m.

  6. Library provides Inter Library Loan Service ( ILL)

  7. Library Provides services to Research scholers on nomials security deposit & yearly fees.



  1. Every student who secured admission in the college, must pruchase library identity card. Two identity size recent photos of students are required to prepare his library I-card.

  2. Students must bring their I-Card in college and in the library.

  3. Students should maintain discipline and keep silence in the library.

  4. Books and other reading materials issued, must be used carefully and must be returned within the stipulated time. The value and fines will be recovered if any loss of or damage to reading materials is found.

  5. Students should check the reading materials when issued.

  6. Students should see that the reading material returned is accepted and duly signed on the issuing record by the person concerned.

  7. Studnets should read the notices displayed on the library notice boards.

  8. Students should take receipts on paying any type of amounts in the library from the library account section.