Department of Microbiology



Ours is the first department in Solapur district. Department is successfully running self supporting courses, UGC sponsored Certificate Course in Fermentation Technology (CCFT) under Career Orientated Programme (COP)
 Microbiology is one of the largest & most complex of the Biological Sciences because it deals with many diverse biological disciplines. In addition studying the natural history of microbes, it deals with every aspect of microbe- human & microbe- environmental interactions. This interaction includes genetics, metabolism, infections, diseases, drug therapy, immunology, genetic engineering, industry, agriculture & ecology. Though a small fraction of microorganisms has been discovered, the field of Microbiology continues to expand & reveal new terrain. In spite of wealth of information that makes up subject, microbiology is still a budding & flourishing Science. Students are attracted to this subject because career in Microbiology are challenging, rewarding & varied. The students acquire basic knowledge required to peruse a career in Medical Science, Ecology, Agriculture Biotechnology, Food Technology, and Fermentation Technology. There are students who make Microbiology their life’s work.