Students Welfare Scheme:-

Various Scholarships, Awards, Free ships and other facilities are given for

welfare of the students.

Students Mutual Aid Fund:-

The students mutual aid fund is raised for the student of economically weaker

section of the society.



Various types of Government, University are made

available to students. Notices regarding the procedures and types of scholarships, payment of scholarships etc. will be placed on notice board from time to time.

  1. Brilliant students are selected for National scholarships on the basis of their academic merit at the previous Examination ( XI, XII, B.A./ B.Sc. Level)

  2. The ward of freedom figher is awarded scholarship of Rs. 50/- per month and Rs. 100/- as the book grant for the year.

  3. The ward of primary / secondary school teacher is awarded a scholarship on the basis of merit.

  4. The students belonging to the backward class communities are awarded the Government of India Scholarship.

  5. Concessions and special facilities are available to the handicapped students and the wards of defence service personnel.

  6. National merit scholarship awarded by Government.


Conditions Regarding Scholarship And Freeships.

  1. The students must be regular in his/her academic work.

  2. His / Her behaviour and progress in the study must be satisfactory.

  3. E.B.C. freeship is discontinued if the student is readmitted after failure.