Karmveer Competitive Examination Guidance Center:-

The college has started competitive Examination center for the benefit of the student especailly from rural areas for the competence in the competitive Examinations like UPSC / MPSC / Staff Section etc.


Insurance Scheme:-

The college has started students insurance scheme for the students. This scheme is compulsory for all students.


Earn While Learn Scheme:-

The students both boys and girls desirous to complete their edcuation through earn while learn scheme, the college provides this facility to them.



To produce skilled students is a need of time. Therefore college runs six career oriented programs.Students can enroll their names for any course while doing their graduation/ post graduation.

  1. Functional English

  2. Translation Proficiency

  3. Indian Classical Music

  4. Agricultural Product Processing and Food Engineering.

  5. Fermentation Technology

  6. Fresh Water Fisheries.

Thirty students will be admitted to each programme. Any factulty student can register their names for any one of these certificate courses with minimum fees.